A suite of online services for Golf organisations
A suite of content management systems and online services for Golf Clubs and Golf organisations
Customer Comment
A job worth doing is worth doing well and this is true of our new website
BB&O Golf Union


100% Self Manageable
The Golf-CMS is designed to be self manageable by anyone who knows how to operate a web browser.

Cost Effectiveness
Updates and contributions to your website no longer require the input of designers or developers. The design allows a huge degree of flexibility and unlimited updates.
  • Many golf websites have fancy fade-ins or cool animations, but their content is set in stone, needing more investment from you for updates.
  • New page, section, article, result, document, photo or news item? Add seamlessly in minutes.
  • No additional or surprise costs whatsoever.

Up to date Information
Deliver relevant and current content.
  • Bring your website up to date in minutes as regularly as suits you and your members
  • Automated services maintain much currency for you

Online services to benefit members, staff and visitors
Plug in new golf services as they evolve. Would sending notifications of social events or closing dates be useful to members? Would being able to define Tee time slots and taking reservations and payment online be of benefit?
  • Services that save money
  • Services that can increase support and attendance
  • Non competitive community means the most desired functionality gets built
  • Specific customised functionality can be added

Modules are currently being written and added to the Golf-CMS to deliver new functionality. If these modules do not cover what you need, custom modules can be written by us for you, or you can even source your own development.
  • Shareable Modules
  • Bespoke Modules
  • New functionality driven by customers needs
  • Automatic design integration

Consistent look and feel
Golf-CMS allows your contributors to add and update content freely without any specialist skills, whilst at the same time constraining designs to templates that follow your existing website or branding.

Personal branding and design
Template driven design with all templates fitting your organisations own branding and style

Customer Driven functionality
New functionality is driven by customers requirements and is totally shareable

Non-competitive customer base
Our customers are non-competitive and seek similar ends. Therefore golf applications can be added, shared, experienced and improved in a mutually beneficial environment.

Definable user rolls and authorisations
  • "Member only" sections
  • Define user groups to view sections and pages
  • Define users or user-groups to edit pages and content

State of the art website development
Golf CMS websites use the latest in website technology
  • Personal SQL Server database (not shared with anyone else)
  • Friendly links (no more ugly querystrings) and Search Engine friendly
  • Unique Design
  • Secure
  • Real time