A suite of online services for Golf organisations
A suite of content management systems and online services for Golf Clubs and Golf organisations
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A job worth doing is worth doing well and this is true of our new website
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Golf-CMS Features

Online (WYSIWYG) Editor
Professional standard online editor
  • Spell Checker
  • Image Manager
  • Link Selector
  • User Definable Templates
  • Styles

Context Sensitive Editing
Site Administrators can directly modify and preview pages.
  • Preview and edit in place
  • No need to navigate to and from an Administration area

User Roles
Define user groups and assign each group administrative priveledges.
  • Member Only areas
  • Permit Authors to edit articles but not pages
  • Define what content user groups can view
  • Define what content user groups can edit

Breadcrumbs Trail
Trail of visited pages for easier navigation

Popular and static content streamlined in memory for faster access
  • Popular pages automatically cached
  • Static content manually cached

Friendly URLs (meaningful links)
Define sections and pages to be meaningful and easy to read.
  • Good for Search Engines
  • *No* querystrings
  • Easy to remember
  • Give your website structure

Email Administration
Easy to use online control panel for managing email addresses within your organisation
  • Define any number and combination of email addresses, e.g. secretary@mygolforg.com, fred.smith@mygolf.com etc
  • Setup forwarders to other email accounts
  • Set up auto responders (for holidays etc)
  • Spam filter intelligently deletes (or flags) suspect emails before receiving
  • Read and send email messages when away from the office or oversea

Support by phone and email

Full Website and Mail Hosting on Windows 2003 Servers

SQL Server Database
Allocation of your own powerful SQL Server database.
  • Not shared with anyone else
  • Backed up once per week

Intelligent Link handling
Website automatically checks for redundant links and inbound links to a renamed or moved page are automatically updated

Search and Replace
Search and replace of text within news articles and other text based content

Administration Control Panel
Single and secure administration area to manage all aspects of your website

Search Engine Optimisation
Streamline your pages for good search engine rankings
  • Meta Tags and Descriptions
  • Friendly Urls
  • Predictive Links

FTP (file transfer)
Transfer files, documents and images to and from your PC/Network to your Website (note this is not required as upload of new documents is built into the Golf-CMS)

Website Statistics
Comprehensive reports and analysis of your website and all visitor activity, available online or by scheduled email

Domain Name Fees
Purchase, setup, management and ongoing renewal fees are included in all packages.

Extendable (plug in new modules)
Golf-CMS is designed to allow new functionality to be plugged in as and when required.
  • Golf Modules
  • Core Modules
  • Modules in development
  • Community to create the modules that your association needs
  • option to comission your own bespoke development